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Fruit-Infused Water Recipes

August 27th, 2021

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Need Rental Assistance?

May 28th, 2021

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Statement on Adam Toledo

April 16th, 2021

Last June we released a statement in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. Sadly, not a year later, and only weeks into the trial of his murderer, we must join the voices of the individuals and organizations speaking out against the violence against black and brown people. In just two weeks, two young men have lost a future of unknown potential at the hands of a system that should be in place to serve and protect—one of these young men, Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old Chicago resident.

We offer condolences to the families who are experiencing this unimaginable grief, as well as the Little Village community. Know that we are mourning with you.

As we have during our 54-year history, we continue to stand in solidarity with our community; our residents, staff, board, neighbors, and particularly the Black and Latino communities and those on the front lines of the ongoing fight for justice and equity. We will continue to work with our elected officials and other public servants to engage our residents in the safety of their communities.

We commit ourselves to continue the work to fix our broken systems.

One of these broken systems has resulted in a housing crisis, which has disproportionately affected black and brown people and created instability in their lives. Severely cost-burdened households are more likely than other renters to sacrifice other necessities like healthy food and healthcare to pay the rent. They are also more like to experience housing insecurity with situations like eviction.

Stable housing creates opportunities for education, jobs, and community engagement. The whole community benefits when individuals feel a sense of stability. Bickerdike continues to address these challenges head-on through our work.

We are preserving our current housing stock with recapitalization and rehabilitation projects such as the Victory Apartments Preservation and working on new construction developments such as the Emmett Street Apartments. Additionally, we are engaged in promoting fair housing and balanced development policy initiatives through advocacy and organizing efforts.

We are committed to redoubling efforts in 2021 and beyond, ensuring that Chicago remains a city for all of its diverse residents. We believe everyone should have a place they call home in a community they can call neighbors.

2019 Membership MeetingThere’s No Place Like Home wasn’t just the theme of this year’s annual membership meeting, as we continue facing the effects of COVID-19, the words become more meaningful to all of our lives.  Read more »

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Chicago Housing Assistance

The Department of Housing and the Department of Family and Support Services have several initiatives to provide housing cost assistance to Chicago residents impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Read more »

Recently, we’ve used our social media platforms to shine the spotlight on a couple of graduates who are Bickerdike residents. We want to honor Hector and Victor, and other graduates because it’s a difficult time when they’ve missed their graduation ceremonies and all the events leading up to it. But we also wanted to recognize their scholastic achievements. Read more »

Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation is excited to share that we were just informed that the Emmett Street Apartments Project lawsuit, Sanchez v. Bickerdike – Case No. 20 CH 2206, was dismissed today!  Read more »

How important is the Census to affordable housing?

The U.S. government uses a formula to decide how much money for housing assistance will go to each state. The formula uses information about the size of a state’s population and the number of people living in different types of housing – and that information comes from the decennial Census. (Other information for the formula comes from the American Community Survey and the American Housing Survey, which are also administered by the Census Bureau.) Read more »