Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation

New Communities Program

The New Communities Program (NCP) is a model of comprehensive community development that was seeded by a MacArthur Foundation grant administered by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation/Chicago. It is an effort to connect organizations in underserved communities, to maximize resources, and to improve the quality of life of neighborhood residents.

In 2003, Bickerdike was selected as the lead agency for NCP in Humboldt Park. Since then, Bickerdike has collaborated with over 70 community partner organizations from across a wide range of sectors to draft and substantially implement two consecutive, five-year Quality of Life plans for Humboldt Park.Healthy-Readers

Currently, NCP work is focused on a variety of efforts including development of the Humboldt Park Healthy Corridors Task Force, which is focused on collaboration and programming aimed at reducing obesity in the community; the Youth and Safety Committee which is focused on reducing the impact of crime on young people in the community; and the Smart Communities Steering Committee which is focused on increasing digital literacy in the community.

To learn more about NCP, visit or contact us at 773.278.5669.