Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation

Humboldt Construction Company

Humboldt Construction Company (HCC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bickerdike with a strong track record of quality construction, skilled job creation for local residents, and business opportunity creation for local and minority subcontractors. Born from the desire to link job creation with affordable housing development, over the years Humboldt Construction has grown and operated as a full-service, general contractor and carpentry subcontractor, specializing in residential and commercial construction, value engineering, and project planning and management. Since 1981, HCC has had a significant impact in our communities including:

A notable and expanding construction portfolio

developmentTo date, Humboldt has completed $100 million in substantial rehab and new construction projects for a total of over 1,000 housing units in over 150 buildings, two transitional group homes, a Home Depot, a grocery store, an office building, a community cultural center, and other retail space.

Green Construction Expertise

As general contractor and carpentry tradesman, HCC has demonstrated its expertise in green construction, including coordination and installation of a wide array of cutting edge, environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies. Most recently, this includes the construction of Bickerdike’s comprehensively green, LEED Gold certified 91-unit, 8 building development, Rosa Parks Apartments.

Job Creation

Over the past 30+ years, through a hard won agreement with the carpenters Union, Humboldt Construction has prioritized hiring from our local neighborhoods. As a result HCC has employed and trained over 100 local residents in living-wage union jobs. HCC prioritizes community hiring, sponsoring and training workers throughout their four year apprenticeship and achievement into journeyman status. A number of workers have also been trained and promoted to foreman. As a result, many HCC workers have remained with the company for decades and others have moved on to other opportunities in the field, both of which we consider successful outcomes.

Economic Development

Through subcontracting relationships with many local and minority trade contractors, Humboldt Construction has helped create business and economic opportunity for these companies and created and sustained hundreds of additional living wage jobs. Humboldt has provided critical no-cost technical and business development assistance when needed, assisting dozens of firms in growing their capacity. HCC has also provided technical and project planning assistance to local not-for-profits, adding value beyond the typical contractor relationship. In addition, HCC has prioritized using local suppliers and vendors whenever feasible, expanding its creation of jobs in our neighborhoods, keeping money re-circulating in the community and stimulating the local economy!