Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation

Mission and History


We, the members of Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation, are committed to the rede¬velopment of the West Town, Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Hermosa and Avondale communities for the benefit of and control by the low and moderate-income families in these areas. We are deeply dedicated to preserving the ethnic and cultural character of our neighborhoods, while improving the economic conditions of the community. We carry out our mission by: providing high quality affordable housing, struggling against gentrification and displacement, promoting economic development by creating and preserving jobs, and advocating for additional resourc¬es. In all our endeavors, we are committed to the principles of: honesty, openness, democratic process, education, involvement and empowerment of community residents, self-worth, self-re¬spect, and pride. Networking with other organizations and stakeholders who share the vision of the community’s collective struggle to control its own destiny is integral to Bickerdike’s mission.



Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation (Bickerdike) was founded in 1967 by residents of Chicago's near northwest side and representatives of local community groups who joined forces to fight widespread housing deterioration, abandonment and arson. As factories closed and manufacturing jobs left the area, unemployment soared and some residents fled to the suburbs to pursue jobs. Neighborhoods quickly eroded, threatened by gangs and crime. Alarmed area residents and community organizations came together and formed Bickerdike to reverse the rapid community decline.

Bickerdike was charged in its mission to redevelop West Town, Humboldt Park, Logan Square and Hermosa communities for the benefit of and control by the lower and moderate-income residents of those areas and began by developing affordable single family homes. While Bickerdike's mission has remained largely unchanged over the past 48 years, our work has evolved into a multifaceted approach to community development.


"Nosotros, los miembros de Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation, estamos comprometidos al desarrollo de las comunidades de West Town, Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Hermosa y Avondale por y para el beneficio de los residentes de ingresos bajos y moderadoes de estas áreas.  Estamos profundamente dedicados a la preservación de las caracteristicas etnicas y culturales de nuestros vecindarios y el mejoramiento de las condiciones economicas de la comunidad.  Llevamos a cabo nuestra misión a traves de proveer viviendas a precios razonables, luchar contra la gentrificación y el desplazamiento, promover programas de desarrollo económico a traves de la creación y la conservación de empleos en nuestra comunidad y abogar por recursos adicionales. En todos nuestros esfuerzos, estamos comprometidos a los principios de honestidad, el proceso demoratico, la educación, el envolvimiento y la auto-determinación de los residentes de la comunidad, la dignidad y el orgullo.  Trabajar con organizaciones y otros que comparten la visión de una luch colective para controlar nuestro destino es un componente integral de la misión de Bickerdike."