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Become a Member


Membership is Bickerdike’s broadest decision-making body, with over 400 individual and over 40 organizational members. Voting Membership is open to any resident or organization from our membership area. (See our membership area map below)


Members are encouraged to participate in volunteer committees that help guide our activities throughout the year.


Visit our membership site to apply.

Area and Levels

We welcome all of our neighbors, partner organizations, and affordable housing advocates to support our work by becoming a Bickerdike member.


We designate our membership levels by the area where an individual lives and works and the location of an organization’s office as listed below:

  • Class A – Individuals who live and or work in our membership area. The fee is $3.00 for one year or $7.00 for three years.
  • Class B – Organizations with their principal business place in the membership area. The fee is $10.00 for one year or $25.00 for three years.
  • Class C – Individuals or organizations outside our membership area. Members of this category are not eligible to vote. The fee is $15 for one year.


You can view our membership area on the map.

Annual Membership Meeting

Bickerdike’s membership is the centerpiece that connects individuals in the communities we serve to our work.


Members come together once a year at the Annual Membership Meeting, where they…

  • Are apprised of activities
  • Vote to elect members to our Board from among their peers
  • Vote on resolutions regarding the organizational direction
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of another successful year



Membership Meeting details are typically available in October of each year. Learn more here.