Resident Resources

Bickerdike, as a community-oriented organization, places resident wellness as a top priority. Recognizing that the well-being of its residents directly impacts the overall vibrancy and harmony of the community, Bickerdike has implemented a comprehensive range of resources to support and enhance resident wellness in the place they call home.

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If you have a question about Bickerdike Apartments policies and procedures, the Resident Handbook of House Rules is available for download to be used as a handy reference guide. Just click here: English or Spanish.

We offer 24-hour maintenance. You can call our office at 773.227.6332 during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. If it is after hours, an answering service will dispatch calls in cases of emergency. We urge our residents to be part of the maintenance their properties by filing workorders.

The safety of our residents and the community is a priority. Please follow the following Instruction for Security Calls:

  1. Call the Chicago Police Department first by dialing 911.
  2. Call the Bickerdike answering service at 773.227.6332. Follow the prompts, and a live operator will come on the line.
  3. Tell the operator that it is a security-related call.
  4. The operator will ask you for your name and phone number, though you may remain anonymous if you choose.
  5. Give the operator the address to the Bickerdike address about which you are calling.
  6. Describe the problem.
  7. If you decide to follow up with Property Management the next business day, document your call, including the date and time you made the call.
  8. Call Bickerdike’s Security Manager at 773.227.6332 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, to follow up.

Property Management grants parking privileges and distributes parking stickers to tenants living at Bickerdike properties with parking lots.

Residents should contact their property manager regarding any questions about their tenancy at Bickerdike. You can find your property manager here.

Residents and applicants for our housing may appeal a decision regarding their application or tenancy by calling 773.278.5669.

Many of our properties have on-site laundry facilities. See the Resident Handbook of House Rules for more information on their use and refer to laundry room signage.

The Residents Council is composed of individuals who live in Bickerdike housing. They build leadership among tenants in Bickerdike’s rental housing governance and increase the quality of tenant life through various community-building activities.

While the Residents Council has an elected membership, its subcommittees are open to any Bickerdike resident who wishes to participate. These include:

  • Tenant Initiatives
  • Garden & Open Space
  • Holiday Dinner
  • Family Day

For more information about Bickerdike’s Residents Council, use our Contact Us form or call one of our Tenant Organizers at 773.278.5669.

Tenant Organizers identify and develop resident and member leaders, staff resident activities, participate in community meetings and events, organize campaigns around issues that matter to residents, members, and the community at large, and make other efforts to increase resident and community engagement. Meet our Community Engagement & Organizing staff here.