Preservation & Sustainability


Bickerdike employs a diverse array of strategies to preserve our affordable rental housing portfolio of 1,194 units in 140 buildings, including:

  • Routine maintenance and repairs to keep our properties clean, safe, and in good condition
  • Preventative and cycle maintenance to promote efficiency
  • Capital replacements and improvements
  • Green retrofits to take advantage of new technology at our older properties
  • Long-term ownership structures that will keep our units affordable in perpetuity


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Before Green entered the housing vernacular, Bickerdike integrated sustainability into our housing developments.


  • We emphasize quality, durable construction
  • Early adoption of Energy Efficiency
  • Projects built with local hiring and contracting
  • Projects are infill or rehabilitations that promote efficiencies of urban density.


The success of our sustainability efforts is demonstrated by the projects that we built or rehabbed decades ago, which all continue today to be attractive community assets and quality affordable housing.


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  1. Green Development

    In addition to incorporating sustainability into our developments for decades, Bickerdike has also been a leader in employing new Green technologies throughout our properties.

  2. Green Retrofits

    Bickerdike has strategically carried out Green retrofits in our older buildings that result in significant savings to residents and building operations and have a positive impact on residents’ quality of life and the environment.

  3. Resident Green Training

    Bickerdike is a housing industry leader in training and engaging residents on green and sustainability issues. All residents of our new developments receive an orientation and Green Manual with information on the green systems in their building, tips for sustainable living, and ways to save money by going green.