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Sustainability Projects

The projects that we built or rehabbed decades ago, which all continue today, stand as a model of the success of our sustainability efforts. They remain attractive community assets and quality affordable housing.

La Paz Place Electrification Program

We completed a cutting-edge pilot project to convert to 100% electric in collaboration with Elevate Energy.  While doing so, we are adding central air conditioning while engaging in decarbonization and reducing the project’s impact on global warming. Elevate Energy has provided over $1 million in grant funds for this demonstration project to install new, high-efficiency electric appliances, HVAC systems, and solar panels. La Paz Place now serves as a model for future new-construction and green retrofit electrification and decarbonization in Chicago buildings as well as nationally.

Illinois Capital Bill Preservation Program

Ensuring quality and affordability for three Bickerdike developments


Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan was signed into law by  Governor J. B. Pritzker in 2019 for  $44.8 billion. The Plan includes funding for infrastructure needs, including $200 million allocated to the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) for housing programs. The Capital Plan funding provided grants to existing affordable housing developments for property stabilization, rehabilitation, and improvements.


We were pleased to be awarded CBPP funding by IHDA for three of our older developments: La Paz Place, Howard Apartments and Nuestro Hogar.

  • La Paz Place: $371,800 to replace kitchen cabinets and repair a porch
  • Howard Apartments: $431,300 to modernize the elevator and replace kitchen cabinets and flooring in 16 units
  • Nuestro Hogar: $416,790 to replace kitchen cabinets, hallway lighting, and exterior doors.