Housing Security and Educational Outcomes

Recently, we’ve used our social media platforms to shine the spotlight on a couple of graduates who are Bickerdike residents. We want to honor Hector and Victor, and other graduates because it’s a difficult time when they’ve missed their graduation ceremonies and all the events leading up to it. But we also wanted to recognize their scholastic achievements.

We want to congratulate Class of 2020!

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” ~Kofi Annan

In our 2019 Annual Report we discussed the connection between educational outcomes and housing security. You can read the section below:

The Impact of Housing Insecurity on Educational Outcomes, a 2018 study by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, found that while in high school, housing-insecure students exhibited lower educational achievement and graduation rates, 52 percent compared to 76 percent housing-secure students.

When people can afford to stay in their homes, they pursue other life goals—family, career, education, and health. Children avoid the months of academic progress that research says is lost every time they move. Through our residents, we’ve seen anecdotal evidence that housing security indeed makes a difference in educational outcomes. Antoinitta Hall, a single mother of four and a long-term Bickerdike resident, sent her eldest daughter Sequoia off to Northeastern University this fall. Her three other children, Asiah, Robert, and Jaymiah, all attend different schools and are involved in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Marisol Roman is the daughter of West Town Housing Preservation resident, Marta Ortiz. She recently graduated from a bank employment training program and is now seeking employment in the banking industry. For Marisol, this is just the beginning. She is excited about all that the future holds for her.
In addition to their educational pursuits, both families are involved in their communities and engaged with Bickerdike and their neighbors. While still in high school, Sequoia often accompanied her mother to On the Table discussions, sharing her perspective as a young person with a group of adults. Marta is a vocal advocate of affordable housing, often attending public hearings with Marisol to show their support for Bickerdike’s work.

A stable home provides more than a bed in which to sleep. It provides individuals with a sense of stability and self. A confidence that assures them that their dreams are within reach.

You can view our full 2019 Annual Report here.